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Why does DJ pricing vary so much?

If you have never booked a DJ for a private event you may be surprised to find out how much rates can vary between different companies. Pricing from within the same company may even change depending on the type of event you are inquiring about. Below are a few tips and questions to consider when making your decisions.

Like most industries, the mobile entertainment business is saturated with vendors all fighting for your business. Some independent DJ's on Craig's List may accept an event like a wedding for $200 and others may charge thousands of dollars. There are many factors to keep in mind when selecting your entertainment, finding great talent within your budget is important.

"Good work ain't cheap and cheap work ain't good." We've all heard the expression, and for the most part it rings true. However, just because someone is charging a fortune for their services does not always mean they are going to be the best. Everyone can have high end equipment with flashing lights and lasers, but the skills and experience of the person on-site at your event is going to determine the success of you party.

Simple events that only require a push button DJ to play background music should not require a super star talent with a ton of bells and whistles. When it comes to more important milestone events like weddings and mitzvah celebrations you want to be more selective with who you put in charge.

Reputable companies should all be bonded and insured, good ones have an office staff, a production team with back up equipment and have completed hundreds of events specific to your needs. Be sure to ask about everything that is included in their price when making your initial inquiry. Many venues require that vendors have liability insurance coverage submitted before the date of the event.

You should have seen your entertainer perform in the past and meet them personally before booking to make sure they fit your event. If you are wanting specific talent from an agency be sure that person is named on your contract. Make sure they can provide a minimum of 5 references for the type of event you are booking. Someone who has done 100 weddings but never had their hands full with tons of sugared up teens may not be the best choice for your child's bar or bat mitzvah party.

The size of venue and amount of guests can require more production equipment which can affect the cost of your entertainment as well. Work with your event producer and give them your budget so they can help to find the best solutions for your party.

In the end, the success for any event usually depends on 3 key elements; good food, great guests, and amazing entertainment. Ask your friends who they used in the past, most of the best service industry providers rely on word of mouth referrals over flashy advertisements. A bad DJ can easily ruin your special day, but the right one will make your party memorable and leave your guests talking about it for years. Take the above tips into consideration to help you make the right choice!

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